Kitty Care Inn
2376 Highway #2
Milford, NS B0N 1Y0
(902) 758-4228


Many of the services at the Kitty Care Inn are free because we don't want to "nickel and dime" you to death!

We will administer all types of medications from pills to drops to injections – most at no additional cost. We do not charge for sharps disposal.

We strongly recommend, for the health and comfort of your cat, you provide your own food but we do keep a small variety on hand in case you show up empty-handed.

Treats and our own "homegrown" catnip are always readily available.

We will clean all carriers and launder any soiled bedding should your cat arrive in a "bit of a mess".

If your cat permits we will provide some light grooming and nail clipping. Personal/play time is also included at no extra charge.

If we're able to contact you by email while you're away we will send some "kitty camp" photos so you can still feel connected! (Of course this depends largely on the co-operation of your cat.)

Services we do charge for…

We provide a wide range of services for an additional cost. The prices will vary based on your specific needs:

Moving? We're experienced with shipping and receiving cats. To reduce their stress while you're packing and unpacking your homes send them to us…you'll all feel better!

Traveling? We will provide pick-up and drop-off to you at the Halifax airport to reduce your pre/post flight stress and cut down on your travel time.

If you don't drive or can't find the time, we'll pick-up and drop-off at your home or place of business.

Veterinary transportation is always available in case medical services are required.

In-home service…

Although we're kept busy at the kennels we do provide in-home service in the surrounding area. This again can be determined by your needs. Some cats require more attention than others so give us a call and we'll work out a schedule that allows you complete peace of mind while you're away.


  And remember for the sake of your cat...It's worth the drive to Milford!