Kitty Care Inn
2376 Highway #2
Milford, NS B0N 1Y0
(902) 758-4228


Unlike several other facilities the luxurious full-size suites at the Kitty Care Inn span from floor to ceiling. No two rooms are exactly alike…they vary in shapes and sizes and we even have some that convert into a double suite for our larger families. They are all multi-leveled and many of them are easily converted to a single level so our physically challenged guests can still enjoy napping by the window. Each of these rooms contains an individual window which leads to a private balcony. Weather permitting guests have access to their balconies from breakfast to bedtime!

Our junior suites are smaller and located on the interior of the kennels and therefore do not have a window. These rooms are used primarily throughout our busiest times but are occasionally used for our extremely shy and timid guests as they sometimes feel more secure in a smaller, cozier environment.

All of our buildings are fully monitored, 24/7, for smoke/fire and entry. Special monthly rates are available for our long-term guests. Please contact us for further information. and we'll be happy to help you.

A Modified Room

  And remember for the sake of your cat...It's worth the drive to Milford!